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Wardrobe Consulting & Styling


by Meagan Pieper 

About me

For as long as I can remember I've loved putting outfits together. I have an obsessive part of me that wants to get it just right. One of my favorite things to do is put together our outfits for family pictures or plan my own outfits for concerts or big nights out! For the last several years I've had friends and family ask me to help coordinate outfits for family pictures or find just the right outfit for a certain event. Now that the store front has turned into a dream come true I am going to pursue my dream of helping others shop and find the perfect clothes for them! 


A Wardrobe Consultant is a person who provides guidance in clothing styles that are best for the client. Consultants work one on one with a single client, helping them become their very best fashionable self. Other times consultants may work with a group of people to help with basic rules, tips, and tricks of clothing and accessories.

A Shoot Stylist is a person who helps put together the very best looks for photoshoots. That may be for editorial, family photoshoots, maternity shoots, headshots, and more. 

Style Plans 
Closet check: $50 per hour

-This is the most involved plan. I will go through your closet, get rid of items, restyle, and organize. I will put together outfits based on what you have and help you come up with new looks and come up with a plan on items we'd like to add to your closet. 
Personal styling: $25 per hour

-Hate shopping? Want someone to go and find looks for you? I have you covered. Love shopping? Don't know what to get or how to put outfits together? I have you covered. I will help you put together outfits that won't break the bank or find those must have pieces. 
Dressing for special occasions, events: $25 per hour

-Have a wedding or big event coming up? Don't have any idea what to wear or where to find it? Let me help you! I can help you find the perfect look that is specific to your event. 
Shoot styling: $50 per hour

-Family pics coming up? Don't know what to wear? I can help. Engagement sessions, maternity, head shots, etc. I can help put together the best styles and looks that suit your needs and likes.