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Wear the Damn Hat

Wear the Damn Hat

Choosing the right hat to wear isn't always easy.  We start the day feeling as if we know which hat to wear to complete our look.  Each morning I am in Mom + Wife mode - Coffee is on, Scooter is up and on his way to practice, I am hopefully creating content for this fun side gig...but it doesn't always end up that way.  I forget to prep the coffee and set the brew timer, I over sleep and hope Scooter gets up, and I miss the quiet to create, but guess what it is okay, it will be okay. 

As I reflect on my mornings I realize how peaceful today was...I am home from my other hat - Teacher - I have been teaching for 18 years and let me tell you, I promise I wear about 15 different hats each and every day!  Firefighter is probably the one I dislike the most, but Chaos Coordinator works great with my wondering mind, Squirrel!  Back to today- when I started the day the old website was not recognizing the custom theme codes from the OG's theme, that's because I was tweaking it to my liking.  Needless to say, I do not wear a coding hat!  I had a few decisions to make, but they became clear after a conversation with Meagan (She's been a Rockstar when I get into technical questions).  She knew that I wanted to update my website and have ultimate control, so with a little nudge here we are.  

With a little investigating, conversations with past and current boutique owners, I felt confident wearing my website creating hat!  I spent time looking at themes, actions, and what they had to offer, until I found my Hat.  I wanted my site to not only be for shopping, but for inspiration, conversation, and story telling.  I am in love...saying it louder, I AM IN LOVE!  It is not quiet complete but it is me. It is what I wanted my brand to represent. 

If you read this far you deserve a hat of your own... I found this amazing image and it made think this new design captures my Spirit. I hope you can see it shining through each time you visit.  Thank you form the bottom of my heart for being here!  

Be Bold. Be You. Wear the Damn Hat!




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