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About Us

The Turquoise Tractor started as a love of rodeo and fashion between two college girlfriends. Being from the midwest, we didn't get to see much of our personal style in stores around us. One night after texting yet another picture of a fabulous outfit from a southern boutique, we decided to just bite the bullet and dive in. The Turquoise Tractor was born. Both born in small farm towns and from farm families - and of course, loving turquoise - the name came right to us!

We love to find unique and stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories!!! Both of us growing up on and around farm life, means we pull a lot of inspiration from our upbringing while still keeping up with the western trends. We hope to bring you some new and unique fashion and would love to help you add some character and turquoise to your closet!

Love-Meagan & Ashley